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COB Chairman Roy While’s Update – April 2014

April 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Roy While

The planning applications for the Campus and the new rugby and football facilities adjacent to the Melksham Oak School will be considered at the May 14th meeting of Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Planning Committee  . We expect work on the Campus, subject to planning approval, to start on the first phase  – the part demolition of Melksham House, together with some new build and refurbishment – in late Summer. In the past couple of months ,working in small groups with the architect, council officers and users, we have been checking the architects room data sheets.   These are quite detailed and cover furniture/equipment , lighting , electrics, toilets and other items. All aspects of the campus have been included. These will be finally agreed by the COB team at our meeting in May when the architect will take us through a computer generated virtual tour of the building. We are looking forward to this!

I have just learnt that whilst most of the geese inhabiting the pond ( which will be retained and spruced up ) have been moved to a new home, we are still trying to persuade the three remaining geese to leave.

Roy While


Melksham campus planning application REF 14/00726/FUL

February 21st, 2014 | Posted by Ros

The Melksham Campus planning application is now formally registered and in the public domain. The application ref is: 14/00726/FUL

The planning officer dealing with the application is Jemma Boustead. Jemma can be contacted on 01225 770211 or by email

Melksham campus Press Release Feb 14

February 21st, 2014 | Posted by Ros

Melksham Campus moves forward

People in Melksham are being given a bird’s eye view of what the proposed community campus will look like.

The series of images form part of the planning application for the Melksham House site which has now been submitted to Wiltshire Council.

Community campuses are being developed across the county to give people better access to services and allow them to have a greater say in how services are delivered. They also enable the council to develop new efficient buildings that can be used by the council, its partners and the wider community.

The proposal is to turn the 14.7-acre site into the town’s campus by developing the existing Melksham House and significantly extending it.

Melksham Campus will provide access to council and partner services, flexible community space and leisure facilities in the centre of town. These will include a new library, a cafe, community computer facilities, two swimming pools a sports hall, and an indoor bowling green.

The scheme will give a new lease of life to an iconic town building that has already served over the past two centuries as a residential home, a Red Cross hospital in World War One, and as a social club for Avon Rubber before being taken over by Wiltshire Council in 2011.

The scheme has been developed through extensive consultation with local people and organisations to ensure it will best meet local needs.

The new campus will replace the existing library, the Blue Pool, the Christie Miller Sports Centre, Canberra Youth Centre and the Melksham Professional Development Centre.

At present the site is also used by the town football and rugby clubs. These would also move to a proposed new sports hub at Woolmore Farm behind Melksham Oak Community School for which a separate planning application was submitted at the end of last year. A cricket pitch, an outdoor bowling green and outdoor tennis courts would continue to be provided at Melksham House.

The construction of the Melksham House and Woolmore site would be phased in such a way that local people will continue to be able to use all existing services and facilities until a replacement is available for use.

The Woolmore Farm application is due to be considered by the planning committee in March and the Melksham House application is set to go before the committee in April.

Subject to planning permission it is hoped the campus will open in summer 2016.

 COB Chairman Roy While’s update January 2014January 27th, 2014 | Posted by Ros The planning application is now being submitted to the Planning Officer and we are hoping for approval in late spring which will enable a start to be made on the Melksham House element of the project during the summer.

Shadow COB members will, however, not be idle! Towards the end of February we shall be working with the Architect and users ‘putting the meat on the bones’, compiling room data sheets, understanding how the various rooms and spaces are going to be used, laid out and equipped. This is vitally important – we have to get things right!

The planning application for the exciting new rugby and football facilities adjacent to the Melksham Oak School at Bowerhill will be considered soon with work starting this summer subject to planning approval. When completed, construction of the swimming pool, bowls and sport halls on the second phase of the Campus build programme can start.