Melksham Campus update

Melksham Campus update

Programme update

Tenders have been received from four contractors for the proposed community campus at the Melksham House site and are currently being evaluated by the project team. The appointment of the successful contractor is anticipated early in the New Year.

Wiltshire Council is working closely with Melksham Town Football Club and Melksham Rugby Club, to finalise details of their re-location, which will enable the site works for the Campus to commence in Spring 2015. The Council is currently working with the clubs to facilitate vacation of their existing facilities at the end of their respective 2014/2015 seasons,

The re-development of the market place, which is being completed in tandem with the campus development, will be publically available to view from January 2015. This work is being completed by Wiltshire Council Highways Department and current projections are for this to take place in autumn 2015. The programme for this work will be phased to ensure that it does not interfere with the 2015 Melksham Light Show.


The Melksham COB is working with Wiltshire Council’s communications department to create an exciting brand and logo for the campus. The objective is to shortlist a few suitable options, which represent and reflect the local area and then invite feedback on these options.

The ambition is to have the logos and proposed branding options available for display and comment at the February Area Board.

Community Engagement

It is proposed that each COB will be supported by a Community Engagement Manager, and these posts will be recruited to in the New Year. One of the many objectives of the role will be to ensure that all stakeholders and community residents are actively engaged with and kept fully up to date with campus developments. In the interim period Rhys Schell will be undertaking this role and will be looking to meet and speak with local stakeholders and partners in the coming weeks and months. Rhys can be contacted on 01225 716752 or

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