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Area Board Priorities and Projects

A1 Children and young people – Jon Hubbard

  1. Support for young familiesEarly identification and provision of support to families in need *
  2. Better information sharing about local services
  3. Create positive opportunities for people to feel comfortable to volunteer

Project Ideas for priority 2

-Dissemination of information regarding relevant support that is available to children and families:

– by the Citizens Advice Bureau

-by means of Radio and DVD, leaflets, web site

– to/from Professionals working with Children and families

-to/from groups and volunteers working with children and families

Project idea for priority 4

–       Identify Community Volunteering champions, from volunteers who work with CAB,  to raise profile of work of CAB and therefore the support available to children and families 

B1 Health and Wellbeing – Pat Aves

  1. Melksham urgently needs the right health resources in order to meet the growing demands of the community area*
  2. Action to address to the gap in life expectancy arising from deprivation, obesity and social isolation
  3. Identification of unpaid carers and provision of good information and support
  4. Availability of transport so that people can access health facilities and activities (e.g. leisure) – link with Transport)

Project ideas for Priority 1 

-Identify what support/services are available and inform the community through an on line portal

– Dementia – become a dementia friendly town

-Identify and improve local resources for stroke survivors

-Ensure Melksham Hospital is well used as a local resource

– Link with Health group and GP practices and patient liaison groups to undertake above 

C.1 Environment – Partnership and Climate Friendly Group

  1. Commit to lowering the carbon emissions across the community area by promoting energy efficiency.
  2. Improve the promotion of and educate families to “reduce, reuse, recycle” to reduce residual waste to landfill.*
  3. Support the development of renewable energy initiatives across the community area on appropriate sights.
  4. Improve farming practices to reduce flooding.

Project ideas for priority 2

-Promote reduce reuse recycle

-Link up with Dorothy House, Refurbiz, Furniture recycling and Recycle Store to promote reduce reuse recycle.

-Work with current Climate friendly group 

D1 Our community – David Pollitt

  1. Review the accessibility within the local built environment for disabled people
  2. Protect Village Halls as centres of community activity and ensure that transport links to them are good (links to Transport theme)
  3. Empower communities to help themselves: equipping the community with the resources and materials to upkeep community assets*
  4. Have a strongly supported independent MCAP
  1. Publicise and utilise a local volunteer centre to increase volunteering in Melksham

Projects for priority 3

– Create a town community hub

-Provide information/ funding resources and materials to upkeep community assets to community groups (

-Link with MyEnvolve web site – make available in community places, e.g.Library community halls, CAB, etc

-Ensure Feedback to community when things get done 

F1 Transport –Terry Chivers

Hour free car parking and/or reduced all day parking costs*

  1. Improvement to the co-ordination of trains & buses. More flexibility – maybe community buses can help
  2. Promote coach parking in Melksham
  3. Prepare for the canal coming through & make the most of local events: give tourists reasons to come to Melksham
  4. Improve cycleways to and from surrounding villages

Projects for priority 1

-Investigate introduction of 1 hour free parking spaces in Melksham

-Improve co ordination of trains and buses

-Improve cycleways to and from surrounding villages

-link up with Graham Ellis’ transport group

G1 Community Safety –Partnership and Community Safety Group

  1. Early intervention to promote healthy relationships and lifestyles to reduce crime, drugs and violence*
  2. Ensure community and partners work together to inform, protect and support elderly and vulnerable people in issues of community safety.
  3. To support and encourage the introduction of successful and sustainable community justice panels ASAP (
  4. To promote youth involvement in issues of community safety

Project ideas for priority 1 Community Safety

-Develop stronger links with Melksham Oak and feeder schools to identify those who are at risk – e.g. through MAFF, Community Safety Forum, Extended Services

-Provide Information and education in the school, assisted by police, public health and children/ young people professionals 

H 1 Leisure – Jonathon Seed

  1. Create an online forum to share information among clubs e.g. facilities, volunteers, ideas, grants and training.*
  2. Create local coaching/training opportunities such as First Aid and Safeguarding Children
  3. Boost leisure and sports participation by making clubs aware of how to succeed with Return to Sport opportunities
  4. Increase volunteer involvement by making the offer attractive – e.g. funded training
  1. Use local expertise and knowledge to encourage schools to take part in wider leisure and sports opportunities

Projects to link with Priority 1

-Online forum to be developed to share information among clubs, encourage clubs to input and take part ( Mike Cartmel volunteered to assist )

 – (n.b.  is currently available -could be considered for use by clubs, also SPARK site and – clubs)

-link with children and young people and community safety projects to encourage schools to take part in wider leisure and sports opportunities

 i 1 Arts and Culture –Jonathon Seed

  1. A lack of easy access to joined-up publicity on arts & culture (lots of excellent grassroots initiatives but more promotion needed)
  2. The cultural audience is being drawn out of town to Chippenham, Trowbridge, Bath & Bristol
  3. There’s a need to develop the area’s heritage and increase the community’s sense of belonging*
  4. There’s a lack of free, informal live music/culture (i.e. jazz in cafes etc)

Project ideas from priority 3

-Link all cultural groups across community area, provide information to community from these groups (

-Make use of the campus to promote Melksham’s Heritage

-Develop/promote a heritage trail, with an App as well as a map

 J1Economy –Roy While

  1. Attracting more businesses and retaining existing ones through incentives and readily available land and workspace
  2. Regenerating the Town Centre – linking in the Wilts & Berks canal and campus*
  3. Regenerating the Industrial Areas (Bowerhill & Train Station area)

Projects for priority 2-(Link with cultural priorities)

-Pull visitors into Melksham who attend Lacock, Whitehall, Canal

-Encourage Cafe culture –in summer and extend the Christmas lights into a Christmas fair with free jazz and buskers

-Encourage work placements with employers in Melksham 

K1 Housing –David Pollitt and Neighbourhood planning group

  1. Housing needs survey to inform Melksham community area of true evidence across all sectors and ages.
  2. Vision of smaller dwellings, 1 / 2 beds for younger and older people.*
  1. Partnerships to be built with public, private and voluntary sector in a preventative manner to reduce homelessness

Projects to link with Priority 2

 -Use Neighbourhood plan to set planning conditions for one (research the need for one bed properties first) and two bed properties- link with M Town Council and M W Town Council

-Form a housing partnership working with locally based Housing Associations, Wiltshire Council, Neighbourhood planning team, voluntary sector groups, TARAS to reduce risk of homelessness and link to community safety, health and wellbeing and children and families projects

 Business organisations

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