Melksham Community Operations Board

The Melksham Area Board appointed the members of the Melksham Community Operations Board (COB). They are all active people in our community. They all share the same feelings – they feel passionately about the opportunities that the campus provides for local people not just for now but for our children.

They are all marching in the right/same direction and get on well with each other. They want to work with the community and with YOU to make sure that the campus project delivers what YOU want. Obviously, as the chairman says ‘we can’t please everyone – but we will do our best.’

Roy While

  • From Bowerhill, Roy is a Wiltshire Councillor and represents the Melksham Area Board. He is also the chairman of the COB

Sarah Todhunter

  • Chair of Melksham Swimming Club, Sarah represents facility users and has a day job with a local town council.

Graham Ellis

  • A local businessman, Graham is president of Melksham Chamber of Commerce and is spearheading the bid for a better train service for Melksham.

Terri Welch

  • A town councillor, Terri is manager of the Tourist Information Centre.

Mike Sankey

  • A Melksham Without Parish Councillor, Mike speaks for the parish councils.

Brian Warwick

  • Founder of the over 55s Forum, Brian also speaks for the disabled.

Colin Goodhind

  • From the wider community and a local businessman, Colin is vice chair of Melksham Community Area Partnership and was previously involved with Melksham 1st.

George Roberts

  • A member of Christie Miller Indoor Bowls Club, George represents facility users.