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Community campuses will be developed through input from local people making sure that each campus is as individual as the community it serves. They will provide the services communities need in one easy-to-access location – placing customers and their needs at the heart of future plans. The aim is to make maximum and efficient use of the council’s buildings – both new and existing – and create campuses that deliver more for local communities.

The Shadow COB and the Melksham Community Area Partnership undertook extensive consultation and research which formed the basis of the campus development business case. This was approved by Wiltshire Council cabinet in December 2011, which was to include 3 developments:

–        New football and rugby facilities

–        The Market place improvements

–        Melksham House community campus

Construction has started on the new £7M rugby and football development at Woolmore Farm, which is projected to be ready for the start of the 2016-17 season (Summer 2016). There will be a state-of-the-art clubhouse, 12 football pitches and 4 rugby pitches. The sports clubs will move from the Melksham House site at the end of the 2015-16 season.

woolmore farm

The Melksham community campus and the market place both have detailed schemes that have been researched, designed and consulted on, however, they are currently unaffordable with the identified budget available. The campus at Melksham House has conditional planning permission, which was granted in 2014.

Arial view of proposed melksham Campus subject to planning permissionDiscussions have recently started between Melksham Town Council and Wiltshire Council regarding the opportunity of combining services and facilities at the Melksham Community Campus.

On 9 September 2015 the Melksham Campus Project Board were formed with the following aim:

To work with council officers, residents, clubs, groups and partners to put forward campus recommendations to the Area Board within a timely manner, which delivers a campus for the Melksham community area within the agreed budget.

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  1. Bob Griffiths

    As this new facility is neither a school, a college nor a university, ‘campus’ seems rather an odd name. Just a thought – perhaps it would be far better to choose a name that more closely reflects its purpose and history such as, Melksham House Activity Centre or Melksham House Community Centre or even Melksham House Leisure Centre.

  2. Jason Cole

    I totally agree with Bob this building has no connections to university or a school, the word campus is wrong please use the word leisure centre.

  3. Rhys Schell

    Dear Bob Griffiths and Jason Cole,
    Many thanks for your comments and I have added them to the feedback received thus far from Melksham residents on the name and logo consultation. This is being considered by the Melksham COB and Area Board prior to a decision being made on 15th April. Happy to discuss the issue further if appropriate (

    Kind regards,

    Rhys Schell

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