Here is an idea……….

How about NO MORE take-away’s in this town!!!!! Having driven through town today I am completely dismayed to see YET ANOTHER Indian take-away populating the old Blockbuster shop!!! And it is right next door to another Indian restaurant……..REALLY!!!!!! And across the road from 2 Chinese take-away’s….REALLY!!!!!
This town is already awful for shopping in, why could we not have had a decent shop right on the edge on the market place and at least try and raise the profile of this place? I guess we need all these Take-Away’s for all the new homes that are being squeezed in everywhere there is an available square inch!!
The people who allow all of this to go on……did they use to be on the Muppet show????

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  1. Graham Ellis

    That’s not a new business – the existing Indian restaurant next door has been so busy that it’s been turning customers away, and so has expanded its restaurant section.

    There are several vacant shops in the town, so I don’t think this expansion will have prevented another business of a different type setting up a shop in Melksham, but anything that’s set up needs a sound business model – it’s not just “I would like a shoe shop”, but also needs to be “a shoe shop would attract enough custom so that it could run as a viable business”.

    Please, Mr/Ms “Contributor” – come along to meet with people who run businesses and others who help set policy in the town / perhaps at the Chamber of Commerce meeting at Well House Manor at 18:30 on 27th January at 18:30 – there will be people there who can help go through with you the various business and planning issues. And we would love to have your positive involvement to help do more of what the town’s residents and visitors want in 2015 and beyond.

  2. Brian Mudge

    Too many Fast Food takeaways – until Town Councils regain control from County Planners the number will continue to grow. But there is the additional problem for A & E centres – the Government and Police extended licencing hours. Until the closing time is re-introduced (including Fast Food takeaways) then drunkeness and drug consumption will clog up A&E departments. BACCHANALIA has arrived !!

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