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  1. Graham Dixon

    I think that Melksham without should be part of Melksham town council and then make Melksham our town hall and assembly hall
    Graham bowerhill

  2. Gwendoline Davina

    I would like to know if Bowerhill is ‘actually’ a village or not…
    I used to live in the centre of Melksham but due to changing circumstances had to down size…
    I eventually found a house in Bowerhill.
    Since moving here I have made quite a few new friends, and although I don’t know all of my neighbours, I now have more neighbours as friends than I have ever had before.

    I feel that we are very lucky in Bowerhill to be so close to the canal and to have a number of green spaces dotted about where our children can play imaginatively.
    In our Close there is now a group of children who can wander close-by freely and safely as once most children in England were able to do.
    We have a small network of mums who live at different points in the rather large Close who regularly text or call each other to ask if their little one is within ear range and if so to please send them home for their tea :-)

    When I lived in a much larger house closer to the centre of Melksham I thought I was lucky, I was within walking distance of most things such as shops, doctor, dentist etc..but I my children did not have the freedom that is offered by the community I now find myself in.
    The children climb trees, get stuck and neighbours (regardless of who’s child is in need) come out to help.
    I can go for a cycle with my (nearly 8 year old) daughter and be on the canal tow path by crossing just one major.

    There is one thing that as a community in our Close we would like to do… we would like to raise a sign at the entrance to ask people to drive more slowly and be aware that children are out playing and might need to cross the road. Our Close is rather large for a ‘Close’ and there are a few residents who do not have children and might therefore might not have child road safety in mind.

    Could someone please let me know how we go about raising such a sign, who we need to contact and if we would have to bear the cost ourselves.

    Many thanks for reading,
    Gwendoline Davina
    Barnes Wallis Close,

  3. alison

    Thank you for your comments Gwendoline, I have responded personally to your query regarding signs – suggesting that this can possibly be placed on private land, not on highways land and that you could develop your own and seek permission to place the signs in the private land from our highways team- you could do this through me if you wish.

    Ive suggested a compeittion to design the signs – what do you think?